LLOD: Pick yourself up and Dust yourself off

November 11 is Canada’s Remembrance Day. It’s our day to pay homage to the men and women of the Canadian armed forces.


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Remembrance Day Ceremony at Toronto’s Historical Fort York 11.11.13


The Toronto Twist:

We mourn the loss of those who perished defending the rights we hold so dear.

We honour the service men who have returned home safely.

We respect the sacrifices they and their family have made for our country.

We understand that defending our land comes at a price.

We appreciate that soldiers are our fellow countrymen and healing all wounds takes time.

We recognize that our world and our future are better because of your struggle.

We support you in your time of need and are determined to see you succeed.


Mourn, Honour, Respect, Understand, Appreciate, Recognize, Support



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