Is there an exercise app for that?

The winter Olympics haven’t officially kicked off but competition did start today. In honour of the Olympics and to pay homage to the hard work of our athletes and their dedication to physical fitness I have decided to start my own personal physical activity/weight loss challenge. Please, Please hold your applause. By no means do I feel my efforts to lose weight and get in shape are in any way representative of the training that goes into developing an Olympian. Rather the purpose of this initiative is to demonstrate that all of us can take inspiration from our athletes as role models to better ourselves and to start our journey to better health. We all need a day one and I am hoping today was mine.


So I ask the public to help me on my journey. While it would be great to say that I will lose 40 lbs. and work out everyday from now to the end of time, I am going to set out more realistic goals. I challenge myself to complete 60 minutes of cardio exercise per day for the duration of this years winter Olympics, starting today February 6, 2014 until Sunday February 23, 2014. 18 days with the hopes that I can build a habit that will make me healthier, happier and more successful.


Does anyone know an exercise app that can help me track my journey? What’s the best one out there? Please tweet me @markitphysio to let me know your thoughts. I’ll check them out and post which one I am using.


Day 1- 50 minutes bike

10 Minutes treadmill (4 minutes jog 1 minutes walk x2)


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