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10 amazing things about physical activity everyone should believe
With the power of beliefs in mind, it just makes sense to believe in physical activity. Regular activity has tonnes of health benefits, but if you really believe in its power to change your life, it just might.

Here are ten positive effects of being active that you should believe in:

1. Physical activity can boost your mood.
2. Physical activity can give you energy.
3. Physical activity can reduce anxiety.
4. Physical activity can clear your mind.
5. Physical activity can make you more confident.
6. Physical activity can make you more productive.
7. Physical activity can make you more outgoing.
8. Physical activity can make you more courageous.
9. Physical activity can make you more intelligent.
10. Physical activity can make your life go better.

Believe in physical activity and you’ll be more likely to make it a habit. And in time, the habit will prove more beneficial than you could ever believe.

The winter Olympics haven’t officially kicked off but competition did start today. In honour of the Olympics and to pay homage to the hard work of our athletes and their dedication to physical fitness I have decided to start my own personal physical activity/weight loss challenge. Please, Please hold your applause. By no means do I feel my efforts to lose weight and get in shape are in any way representative of the training that goes into developing an Olympian. Rather the purpose of this initiative is to demonstrate that all of us can take inspiration from our athletes as role models to better ourselves and to start our journey to better health. We all need a day one and I am hoping today was mine.


So I ask the public to help me on my journey. While it would be great to say that I will lose 40 lbs. and work out everyday from now to the end of time, I am going to set out more realistic goals. I challenge myself to complete 60 minutes of cardio exercise per day for the duration of this years winter Olympics, starting today February 6, 2014 until Sunday February 23, 2014. 18 days with the hopes that I can build a habit that will make me healthier, happier and more successful.


Does anyone know an exercise app that can help me track my journey? What’s the best one out there? Please tweet me @markitphysio to let me know your thoughts. I’ll check them out and post which one I am using.


Day 1- 50 minutes bike

10 Minutes treadmill (4 minutes jog 1 minutes walk x2)


The Toronto Twist:

Announced today-

Canada’s most influential sport, wellness, and health organizations join forces to offer unprecedented help to get kids ‘ACTIVE AT SCHOOL’

Filling the need for funding, instruction, programming, equipment, space and most importantly awareness.



Active at school, physical activity, return to play

Helping kids return to 60 minutes of physical activity per day

2014 Red Mittens help support our Canadian Olympic Athletes

2014 Red Mittens help support our Canadian Olympic Athletes

The Toronto Twist:

$3.33 from the purchase of every pair of $10 Red Mittens is donated to Canadian Athletes through the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

Since the launch of the Red Mittens in 2009, Hudson’s Bay Company has sold over 5,000,0000 pairs of mittens and has subsequently donated over $15, 000,000 in support of our athletes.

2014 Snow Top Red Mittens | Hudson’s Bay – The Bay

November 11 is Canada’s Remembrance Day. It’s our day to pay homage to the men and women of the Canadian armed forces.


Canadian Armed Forces, remembrance day, toronto, life lesson of the day

Remembrance Day Ceremony at Toronto’s Historical Fort York 11.11.13


The Toronto Twist:

We mourn the loss of those who perished defending the rights we hold so dear.

We honour the service men who have returned home safely.

We respect the sacrifices they and their family have made for our country.

We understand that defending our land comes at a price.

We appreciate that soldiers are our fellow countrymen and healing all wounds takes time.

We recognize that our world and our future are better because of your struggle.

We support you in your time of need and are determined to see you succeed.


Mourn, Honour, Respect, Understand, Appreciate, Recognize, Support




The Toronto Twist:

From The Toronto Star (www.thestar.com). Go Toronto Go!!!

P.S. Just another reason to stay fit, stay focused and stay active.



The Toronto Twist:

We all play for Canada is a national marketing campaign developed by Canadian Tire Corporation to encourage Canadian children to return to play and stay physically active.  A fellowship of groups and organizations with advanced experience and knowledge of sport and physical activity banded together to promote well-being, health and play. Corporate dollars well spent.


MSA 2013 AISTS Final Report
                                               My Great Swedish Escape


The Toronto Twist:

Makes you want to get outdoors just by looking at it, doesn’t it?



The Toronto Twist:

Failure is not an option

Reimer 1st star in win against Penguins

Toronto’s net minder J. Reimer honoured with first star after Leafs win over Penguins last night at ACC, 4-1.



  –George S. Patton

The Toronto Twist:

Congratulations to Lanni Marchant who set a new Canadian record at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with a time of 2:28, yesterday. Her teammate Krista DuChene impressively passed the finish line 32 seconds later. Both women beat the previous record set 28 years ago. Wow!!!

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